We at Eastbound Discoveries are eco-conscious and realise that even the smallest effort immensely contributes when you’re working towards the larger good. Promising a greener future and preservation of the environment are our core values. Sustainability is the foundation of all our travel practices. Our in-house Responsible Business team has implemented the best policies on tourism regarding nature, local communities, wildlife, volunteering, and more.

We are on a mission to become the favourite Indian DMC for good in conscious travel – empowering all stakeholders to think, act and choose positively. Together with our FTOs, travellers, and on-ground partners, we want to create a positive impact by working with local communities and promoting conscious travel.

We call it positively EBD, and sustainability is a core part of it.


EBD is proactively promoting the principles of sustainability to the hotel sector. ‘The Orchard’ in Pushkar is one project where only eco-friendly measures are practiced. We follow a conscious policy of hiring local staff, boosting the local economy, encouraging organic farming methods, and promising travellers a splendid eco-retreat in a rural setting with less carbon footprint and more joyous memories.


At EBD, we have pledged to abide by environmental policies and to be as green as possible in our operations. Along with reducing the carbon footprint, we make conscious efforts to increase our ‘human footprint’. We take an attempt to indulge every traveller in an inclusive experience favouring the social, economic & ecological causes.


Encourage guests to visit local heritage and culture

Go cycling or walking to
explore places

Promote local artisans and
traditional arts


We are strictly against and don’t promote any activity that results in animal cruelty. When on tour, we encourage travellers not to opt for camel rides or elephant safaris and rather walk or use bicycles for local sightseeing. We are conscious of maintaining the ecological balance and avoiding any harm to animals due to human actions. These sustainable parameters drive our mission for a healthy environment.