For travellers looking for a peaceful hideout or just planning to steal the silence of the shores, Sri Lanka is the right place! This teardrop island is nothing less than a fantasy land for travellers of all ages.

From savouring heritage at the ancient site of Anuradhapura, exploring the cultural hotspots of Kandy, beating the heat by diving into the blue waters of exquisite beaches, climbing the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, to meeting friendly locals in the colonial Galle city, this is how one can experience several ways to discover happiness in Sri Lanka.


Travel is the greatest luxury to cherish life’s most enriching moments. We take your clients to destinations full of character and a treasure trove of heritage and traditions to savour these moments.

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination to travel with the temperature being perfect for travellers to have a great time. The coastal areas become hot, but the cities are comparatively humid. The hilly regions are cooler and create a pleasant atmosphere to sit back and cherish moments in silence.

The culture of Sri Lanka is very diverse and reflects the influence of traditions over 2000 years old. The impact of Buddhism and Hinduism is evident in the festivals and other rituals. The key festivals celebrated are Sinhala and Tamil new year, Diwali, Pongal, and Mahashivratri, among others.

The inspiration for food in Sri Lanka comes from Sinhala cuisine, which includes the enriching flavour of the local community in every bite. Rice and curry are the favourites of Sri Lankans, and some of the must-try authentic dishes are Fish ambul thiyal (fish curry) and Kukul mas curry (chicken curry).

Sri Lanka's past has a major contribution to its architecture and the way the country took shape. Different religions, civilisations, and past kingdoms had made their efforts to construct unique structures, heritage buildings, and places of worship. Some of the best attractions to wonder Sri Lankan architecture are Anuradhapura, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy, and the stupas of Polonnaruwa.


In Sri Lanka, travel feels like music and is probably the best way to connect to this country. The discovery to find an ideal destination offering culture, nature, and adventure all in equal proportions ends here in Sri Lanka.

Engaging with locals, learning to make traditional masks, Colombo city tour in a tuk-tuk, spotting leopards in the Yala National Park, heritage walk of Galle, and retiring the day at the peaceful beaches sipping warm Ceylon tea, we at EBD make your clients enjoy experiences that unfold the real Sri Lanka.