The happiness capital of the world and the erstwhile Buddhist Kingdom, Bhutan is a heartwarming land of towering scenic mountains, verdant valleys, elegant dzongs and shrines, and unbelievable monks. Bhutan is a colourful nation where the colours reflect their magnificence in its art and architecture.

Bhutan is away from the shadow of the modern world, which helps it to preserve its unique identity to stand out. The soul of Bhutan is the smiling faces that can be seen everywhere. A majestic land of architectural wonders, spiritual influence, lush greenery, and positive energy awaits travellers to get lost!


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The ideal time for planning a trip to Bhutan is from October to December. The clear skies give a panoramic view of the valleys and mountains. From February to April, the weather remains pleasant, and in the spring, Bhutan becomes a mesmerising canvas of unmatched beauty when the rhododendrons bloom.

Bhutanese culture is a reflection of the principles of Buddhism. The people of Bhutan are soft-spoken and treat all individuals with respect. The monks are the important elements of Buddhist culture and preach life-changing lessons and spread the language of peace and love to all! Tshechus are the annual festivals celebrated in Bhutan where the citizens perform the traditional Cham Dance and enjoy themselves.

Bhutanese cuisine is known for using chilli peppers and derives its major inspiration from the Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan food cultures. The people of Bhutan commonly consume rice and have a liking for stews and curries.

The architecture of Bhutan is inspired by Tibetan culture, where every monument was built with greatness! The walls of the divine dzongs and shrines chant the values of Buddhism and treat disturbed souls with the best therapy of peace and harmony. The popular attractions in Bhutan include Tiger's Nest monastery, Punakha Dzong, Paro Dzong, and others.


Escape into the cultural nirvana of Bhutan and embrace its divineness. Every attraction in Bhutan involves the essence of Buddhism and assures unforgettable moments.

Taking a morning walk in one of the monasteries, meeting the monks to seek answers to unsolved problems, passing through the sublime pine forests, crossing quaint villages, and finally reaching the top of the valley to surrender before nature’s unparalleled beauty is what describe Bhutan and its experiences.