Eastbound Discoveries offer exemplary travel services for tours in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, U.A.E, and the Maldives. From the cultural diversity of India to the mountain majesty of Nepal and the island paradise of Sri Lanka to the serene getaway of Bhutan, we guide travellers to plan their perfect exploration by going beyond the ordinary and creating authentic experiences.

Whether group travel or solo expedition, we aim to design exclusive trips with a distinct taste for luxury and premium services.


Travel is the greatest luxury to cherish life’s most enriching moments. We take your clients to destinations full of character and a treasure trove of heritage and traditions to savour these moments.


The standard meaning of “discovery” is the act of finding something! But, something what? What is it that your clients wish to discover as avid travellers – it may be something that inspires them, moves their souls, or simply makes them happy.

Escaping the ordinary and finding the true sense of a place is a never-ending hunt for us at Eastbound Discoveries. The source of our uniquely designed experiences is our prised knowledge repository. Years and years of immersive local experiences have allowed us to partner with local destination experts and, as a result, excelling our services for curious travellers.