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Travel Styles

We realize and acknowledge that you trust us to take care of your clients. A responsibility we take seriously. Therefore, we deliver unmatched, high-quality, value-based, immersive experiences across a broad range of travel categories and go the last mile to ensure we lead the pack on each front. Our approach is simple—listen and understand your travel preferences, suggest and assist based on our local knowledge and, finally, plan and execute a mesmerizing experience of your dreams.

Special Interests

What better reason to pack your bags than to go to a place that feeds your interest? Special Interest Travel serves you a buffet to choose from. Travelling that takes you on the road to your interests. Phenomenal, isn’t it?

The world is your oyster, choose from the many themes and indulge yourself into your best-loved activities. We’ll provide you with what you’re seeking and fill your heart with glee.

From providing a time travel experience in Udaipur to distressing you with meditational activities in Rishikesh, we’re at your service. Be excited to dive into your chosen interest and we promise you a time of your life.

Bespoke Travel

With EBD, you have the luxury of customizing your trips from A to Z. We design your travel experiences with the help of our insightful squad which gets intimately involved with the microscopic detailing of your trip, making sure that you enjoy the wind, sip margaritas and treat your belly with finger-licking delicacies and not worry about the hotel bookings.

Sit back and relax while we prepare your itinerary including accommodation, transport, trip length, activities, places of interest and pace of travel. Your trip will be hand-knit keeping into consideration your likes and dislikes.

All we need from you is trust and we assure you won’t be disappointed. Let us be your trip genie and let the magic happen. We insure a breath taking and comfortable travel experience tailor-made especially for you.

History & Culture

Marvellous monuments, age-old dented temples with narrative carvings, narrow lanes of old towns leading towards ancestral shops, and forts with exquisite architecture of India will surely captivate your interest.

The grandeur of India comes from its magnificent history and beautiful culture. Apart from the splendid architectural structures, India’s culture encircles divine music, gratifying dances and beautiful fabrics. Come with us to visit a never-seen-before India.

Be prepared to be captivated by soulful Sufi music or dance your heart out to Bhangra of Punjab or Lavani of Maharashtra. We create travel experiences that give insights into the different traditional and cultural aspects of India.


The need to contribute to sustainable development of a particular community while exploring a new country and culture led to the birth of Voluntourism or Volunteer Tourism. If you get teary-eyed seeing the malnutrition kids, the frail dogs or the decaying nature, pack your bags and indulge into the humanizing escapade of Voluntourism.

Travelling to ease-off is great but travelling for a purpose and for social good is even better. Voluntourism is for the mighty hearts and is all about giving back to the society. This travel experience will provide you with spiritual awakening and enlighten you on many levels.

For us, local integration is the key. We allow the travellers to explore a place through one’s heart. And, to best showcase it all, each of our tours are based on principles of—Responsible Tourism, Social Consciousness, Environmental Concerns, Out-of-the-box Experiences, Unique Cultural interactions and more.


India, the land ruled by God and Goddesses is the epitome of festive joy. Indian festivals are full of zest and ardour. Be it the sight of Bengali women playing the shell (shankh) with their hands decorated in kumkum during the Durga Puja in West Bengal or the Nasik boys beating the drums at the immersion ceremony of Ganpati in Maharashtra, Indian festivals will take you on a rollercoaster ride leaving you breathless.

So, come join us on this colourful journey where we’ll guide you through the many vivid options, ensuring that you get to see the incredible sites, and experience the magnificent grandeur of India.


Educational tours are not fancy sightseeing tours done on a hop-in hop-off bus. They are minutely detailed tours including site visits, museum shows and educational activities. The foundation of these tours is well established on a clear learning intent.

Our goal is to craft journeys that are exploratory, educational and inspirational.

We have a passionate team of professionals with extensive local knowledge; the team is committed to deliver best travel experiences.

So, clear your spectacles and keep that extra ink ready because our educational tour will flood you with information that you would want to note.

Women Travel

We are here to break the stereotypical wall that confines women from indulging into solo travelling. Travelling enables women to take a back seat from responsibilities and de-stress themselves.

We guarantee women’s security by providing them with trusted accommodations, enrolling them in groups led by female guides and assigning reliable transport.


Want to plan your next meeting in India to get a taste of its vivid culture and customs? Or, want to indulge your conference delegates with Sri Lanka’s famous Ceylon tea? Whatever your MICE requirements are, Eastbound Discoveries is fully equipped to add its signature personalization to make them all come true.

With our trusted connections in the Indian subcontinent, we will take care of all your needs and ensure we create a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave an impression lasting a lifetime.

Luxury Travel

What is luxury to you? Five-star resorts, gourmet meals, private charters or all of the above? Whatever it is, at Eastbound Discoveries, your wish is our command.

With our superior quality of services and products, we provide you with tailor-made experiences that are not only luxurious and glamorous but also meaningful and authentic.

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