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Sustainable Tourism Practices

Eastbound Discoveries is exceedingly eco-conscious and meticulously monitors its carbon footprint. As a market leader in the area of sustainable tourism practices, our in-house Responsible Business team has drafted and implemented best practice policies on tourism regarding the environment, local communities, wildlife, volunteering and more.

Ecological Practices

At EBD we realize every seemingly small step counts when you’re working towards the larger good. Whether that means preparing meals with locally sourced ingredients and on-site composting or limiting the use of any form of plastic or synthetic and recycling, even the drinking straws, we go the last mile to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can.

The Orchard

Apart from actively supporting ecologically run hotel establishments, EBD is also setting up independent self-run properties such as The Orchard in Pushkar. Here we follow a conscious policy of hiring local staff and training them in hospitality services. We encourage organic farming and keeping alive age-old cultivation practices. As the resort is located amidst farming land, we only use organic methods of planting and harvesting and promote eco-friendly practices for storage of edibles, preparation of meals and temperature control.

Into the Green Scene

We follow a proactive environmental policy across the board, training our teams in ‘green’ thinking and to be as ‘green’ as possible in our operations. Besides regular cleanliness drives at beaches and heritage sites, we take extensive measures to ensure the environment is left undisturbed when we visit turtle hatcheries or similar delicate ecosystems.

Human Footprint

While we are taking active steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we are making equal efforts to increase our ‘human footprint’. One of our flagship initiatives is to encourage every explorer who travels with us to plant a seed and leave a positive personal imprint behind.

The Thought?

To not just leave a place how we found it, but better.

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